System Administrator (Fuel card)

Empresa líder em TIC / Telecomunicações - Luanda, Luanda



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System Administrator (Fuel card)
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• Complete Management of Fuel Card platform.
• Report on all activities on a monthly basis to the direct reporting line and to the account
• Build long-term engagement with our customers through trust and rapport;
• Serve as a conduit for customer feedback impacting business improvement;
• Delegate Tasks and set deadlines (make sure that SLAs are met or exceeded);
• Printing, encoding and issuing of smartcards;
• Software loading and hardware maintenance of Point of Sale terminals (POS);
• Report extraction and printing as per client requests;
• Maintenance of Fuel Card Platform infrastructure (POS, Card reader, printer among others);
• Support in system deployment in new stations;
• Regular generation of transaction files;
• Regular printing of statements related to card system;
• Printing of statements on a regular basis;
• Ensuring timely planning and delivery of all scheduled reports to our customers whilst
ensuring quality;
• Maintain a high degree of customer service for all support queries;
• Understand and qualify the customer’s requests and record cases in ticketing systems;
• Provide appropriate solutions, information, or incidents resolution actions to the customer;
• Perform data back-ups as and when required;
• Ensuring that any complaints are responded promptly by taking ownership and
responsibility of customer’s enquiries efficiently;
• Escalating issues and complaints to superiors when needed;


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2 Anos
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Qualifications & experience:
• A minimum qualification of Diploma in IT.
• English language spoken/written is mandatory.
• The above positions will be based in Luanda, Angola
• Selected candidates will have to undergo a training (at the recruiter’s costs) in MAURITIUS


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Empresa líder em TIC / Telecomunicações

Sobre a nossa empresa

We are a Mauritius-based company, specialized in Electronic Payment systems providing state-ofthe-art solutions and services in an end-to-end model, both locally and remotely. A pioneer in the
field, our core values centre on innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology.
Now a major E-Payment Solutions provider at an international level, we have a market presence of
over 20 years in Mauritius and have operated in more than 30 countries across the globe and
One of our affiliate companies, a supermajor multi-national company, has tasked us to deploy and
operate Electronic Payment systems in roughly 50 countries worldwide. To meet the operational
and quality standards required, we have the objective of tripling our workforce within the next 12
We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a great sense of professionalism, able to adapt
and evolve in a fast-paced corporate environment. Candidates should have strong work ethic and a
high dose of integrity upon which the company can rely and trust on a daily basis to build this future
We believe in balancing personal well-being and professional life, and the heart of our culture is a
strong sense of belonging, akin to a big family.
Our staff comprises of both local and international talents with the most seasoned amongst them
having on average, 6 years of service or more with the company, whereas senior staff and
management have been here for over 12 years.

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